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Italian pork imports decrease

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Italy imported 757,200 tonnes of pork from January to September 2015, a decrease of 1% year on year, according to the latest data released by Istat.

The average unit value of shipments to Italy over the same time period decreased by 11% compared to a year earlier, with the value of imports also down 11% at €1,370 million. Shipments from Germany were down 3% on the year but still accounted for 35% of the total volume. Imports from the Netherlands and France were also down year on year by 4% and 19% respectively. In contrast, exports to Italy from both Spain and Denmark increased. Denmark has now overtaken France to be Italy’s fourth largest supplier of pork.


Despite a decrease of pork shipments to Italy, live pig imports increased by more than a quarter year on year to over 1 million head in the first nine months of 2015. Most of the increase came from a rise in shipments of weaners from Denmark and, to a lesser extent, Spain. Danish pigs accounted for over half the total, having increased by 56% on the year at 518,000 head.

Italian pork export levels are much lower than imports at 52,000 tonnes for the first nine months of 2015, a decline of 8% year on year. However exports of cured meat from Italy increased over the same time period, by 2% to 55,600 tonnes, with 43% of the total supply going to France and Germany. There was strong growth in sales to the US, which now takes over 10% of Italian ham exports.