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2016 Pork Yearbook – a wealth of information

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The 2016 AHDB Pork Yearbook contains a wealth of information including details of the AHDB Pork Board’s 5-point plan to help the pig industry during these challenging times.

There are also details of AHDB Pork-funded research and field trials and putting knowledge into practice through articles, events, visits and workshops. The Yearbook includes industry statistics looking at performance and trends, with international comparisons and trade statistics. There is a section looking at the effect on the cost of production when making key changes to performance.

Another important section contains performance tables showing the trend over the last ten years for key indicators, such as pigs weaned per sow per year for indoor and outdoor sows. Whilst starting from a relatively similar position in 2000, the indoor sow herd has steadily increased the numbers of pigs weaned per sow per year from 22.1 to 26.0, with the top third achieving 28.4. The outdoor sow herd has fluctuated slightly over time but not improved the number of pigs weaned per sow per year averaging 22.2 in 2000 compared to 22.1 in 2015, with the top third achieving 24.3.


The table details indicate indoor sow improvement has been almost exclusively as a result of increasing the number of pigs born per litter and keeping them alive. Litters per sow per year have remained around 2.26 and pre-weaning mortality has fluctuated around 12%. In the case of outdoor sows, the litters per sow per year has remained around 2.24 and a small rise in pigs born alive has been cancelled by a small increase in pre-weaning mortality.


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