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Wheat fit for pigs

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In simple terms, feed wheat is the most widely available energy source of all cereals grown in the UK for use in pig diets. The feed sector in the UK takes more than 50% of domestically grown wheat, but still relatively little is known about the true feed value of this cereal.

With this in mind, in the latest edition of AHDB Grain Outlook, Dr Kevin Stickney, Pig Product Manager at Harbro Ltd, explores the question, how do we find the ultimate wheat variety for pig feed?

The three key topics discussed are the merits of using hard and soft wheat in rations, how the grain is processed to optimise productivity and the specific/ bushel weight and the energy supplied to the pig.

The conclusion is that while research has been undertaken to look at these areas, some need exploring in more detail. AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds is leading an investment that aims to benefit growers and feed processors by examining the effects of feed quality on animal performance and developing quicker tests for nutritional quality.

To read the article in full, click here and turn to page 12.


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