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Pigs 2022 providing food for thought

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The recent Pigs 2022 conference provided a wealth of information, opinion and insight over the two-day event.

The first day provided the “International Outlook Conference”, with presentations from stalwarts of the industry, while the second day played host to the “Innovation Conference”, which looked to address some of the big issues affecting the industry today.

The International Outlook Conference covered a range of topics, including an overview of the global market, an insight into the United States pig industry in the Trump era and an outline of how Denmark is facing the challenges of the global market. After a short break, the audience were brought up to speed with scenarios surrounding the impact of Brexit on the pork sector, before a presentation highlighting what consumers want from pork and finishing with a projection for the future of the British pork industry.


Overall, there was a positive outlook for the pork industry – both domestic and international. That is not to say that there are not challenges ahead, but with these come opportunities.

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