Photo of UK pig prices- week ended 4 March

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UK pig prices- week ended 4 March

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The EU-spec SPP rose by 0.35p in the week ending 4 March 2017, to 149.94p/kg. This price is nearly 38p higher than in the same week a year ago.

Supplies remain tight even if demand is still a little disappointing but will hopefully improve over the coming weeks. The weekly change in estimated slaughterings in the same week was positive, over 1,000 head higher at 163,000, the first increase in seven weeks. Yet the fall compared with a year earlier widened to over 20,000 head or 11%. Average carcase weights fell to 84.12kg/head, 170g lower than the week before, but 320g higher than the same week in 2016. Notably the average probe recorded was 10.9mm, such a low figure was last seen in early 2014.


In the week ending 25 February the EU-spec APP fell slightly by 0.11p/kg to 153.12p/kg. This is 37.29p/kg higher than in the same week a year ago. The gap between the APP and the SPP was 3.53p/kg, posting another weekly gain.

In the week ending 4 March, weaner prices converged slightly. 30kg weaner prices posted a 98p fall to £55.26/head while 7kg weaners rose to £38.50, a gain of 37p. Both markers are substantially higher than a year ago, when prices stood at £36.61/head and £28.32/head respectively.

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