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Feed market update – November 2017

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Read our commentary on latest developments in the global cereals and oilseed markets.

Grain markets have continued to drift sideways over the past month, with a lack of significant news to either drive markets or put them under sustained pressure. On 24 November, UK feed wheat futures (May-18) were worth £144.75/t and since late-August the contract has closed in a range of just £6.75/t.

At the headline level, global markets are well supplied following large harvests for most producers across the Northern Hemisphere. In particular, the 2017 Russian wheat crop is a new record at 83Mt and 14% larger than in 2016 (USDA). Also, while the US maize crop, which accounts for around a third of total global grain output on its own, is 4% smaller than last year, it is still the second-largest on record (USDA).


Similar to grains, oilseed and protein prices have generally moved sideways over the past month. On 22 November, Chicago soyabean futures (May-18) closed at £279.75/t on 24 November, £0.76/t lower than a month earlier. Meanwhile, Paris rapeseed futures (May-18) futures closed at £333.31/t on 24 November, compared to £333.32/t on 24 October. With little change to the headline supply and demand forecasts over the past month, currency has been arguably the main influence on oilseed prices.

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