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GB pig prices steady on the week

14 March 2018

In the week ended 10 March the EU-spec SPP remained steady on the week, rising by a modest 0.05p to 145.71p/kg. The price stood 4p below year earlier levels when, in the equivalent week last year, prices were rising.

Pockets of improvement for EU pig meat consumption

14 March 2018

Last year was a somewhat mixed picture for household pig meat purchases in the key EU consuming countries.

Modest start for 2018 pig meat trade

14 March 2018

Despite significant growth in production in January, UK pork exports were less than 1% higher than year earlier levels during the month, totalling 17,000 tonnes.

Strong Irish exports in 2017

13 March 2018

During 2017, Ireland exported 191,350 tonnes of fresh and frozen pork. This was a 4% increase on 2016.

Small decline in EU pig kill in 2017

12 March 2018

The latest figures from Eurostat confirm that pig supplies were lower overall in the EU last year.

EU pig prices recovered strongly in February

12 March 2018

The EU average pig reference price has recorded some significant upwards movement over the past month.

Beast from the East freezes GB pig prices

07 March 2018

The EU-spec SPP remained stable in the week ended 3 March, at 145.66p/kg.

Increase in EU weaner prices

07 March 2018

In the 12 weeks to 25 February, the average 30kg EU weaner price has generally trended up week-on-week, increasing by €5.82 overall to stand at €48.02/head.

Spanish exports to the EU increase

07 March 2018

Spain is home to the largest pig herd in the European Union. Supported by higher production, Spanish exports of fresh and frozen pork by volume were up a further 3% in 2017, following an 18% increase in 2016.

Global prices stabilised at the end of 2017

06 March 2018

Despite falling from the highest levels since 2014 earlier in the year, global pork prices stabilised in the latter quarter of 2017.

Further growth for pig farm business incomes in 2017/18

06 March 2018

According to the latest forecasts from Defra, the average farm business income (or net profit) increased again on specialist pig farms in 2017/18.

Overall rise in English pig herd, despite stability for breeding pigs

02 March 2018

Defra figures from the December Pigs survey indicate that, as at 1 December 2017, the English pig herd had increased by almost 3% compared to the previous year. This took the total pig population to over 3.7 million head, the largest at this time of year since 2009.

NI pig herd continues to expand

28 February 2018

As at 1 December, the total pig herd in Northern Ireland stood at 631,100 head. This is 18% higher than in December 2016, and continues the growth seen in the June survey, according to provisional results from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA).

Pig prices resume the downward trend

28 February 2018

GB pig prices declined in the week ended 24 February, with the EU-spec SPP falling 0.41p on the week to stand at 145.66p/kg.

Grain markets bullish, but mixed picture for oilseeds

28 February 2018

Grain markets have been largely bullish over the course of the past month (26 January-22 February).

Will a pledge against plastic change how food gets wrapped up?

28 February 2018

Innovation in food packaging formats continues to expand usefulness and improve the ability for consumers to engage with products.

EU breeding herd increasing

28 February 2018

According to the latest census results published by Eurostat, the total EU pig population for December 2017 (excluding Bulgaria) totalled 149.5 million, up 2% on the year.

Pork sales growth stalls in January

28 February 2018

In contrast to the latter half of 2017, the new year got off to a slow start for the pork retail market.

Slight uplift in GB pig prices

21 February 2018

In week ended 17 February, the EU-spec SPP climbed a modest 0.15p to stand at 146.07p/kg.

French pig meat exports down for the fifth consecutive year

21 February 2018

In 2017, France exported 5% less pork compared to 2016, totalling over 423,000 tonnes.

EU production was up again in November

21 February 2018

The latest figures from Eurostat indicate that slaughterings rose just under 1% on year earlier levels during November, reaching 22.1 million head.

Strong December trade, but EU exports lower overall in 2017

19 February 2018

The latest statistics from Eurostat indicate that EU fresh/frozen pork exports returned to growth in December, gaining 9% on year earlier levels to reach 181,900 tonnes.

Production significantly higher in January

19 February 2018

UK clean pig slaughterings totalled 928,900 head in January, 8% higher than year earlier levels according to latest data from Defra. While the year-on-year increase may be somewhat inflated by the extra working day in the month this year, compared to 2017, the direction of travel is clear.

Producer share of retail price lowest for over a year

19 February 2018

The share of the final pork retail price received by the producer recorded a drop of almost one percentage point in January, to under 40%.

GB pig prices record a decline after stability last week - 10 Feb 2018

14 February 2018

During the week ending 10 February, GB pig prices declined again, with the EU spec SPP falling 0.88p on the week, to 145.92p/kg. This follows just a week of stability with pig prices have recorded a downwards trend since the middle of 2017.

Further EU pig price drop

14 February 2018

EU pig prices have significantly fallen since the beginning of January. The EU reference price had been continually declining up to the most recent week ending 4 February, when prices actually saw some recovery and rose slightly.

GB pig feed production slightly up on the year

14 February 2018

GB pig feed production in 2017 totalled 1.8 million tonnes, a modest 0.3% increase year-on-year, according to the latest Defra dataset.

Danish herd growth continues to accelerate

14 February 2018

The latest figures from Statistics Denmark indicate that as at 1 January 2018, the Danish total pig herd was over 4% larger than year earlier levels at 12.8 million head.

Highest pork exports since 1998 in 2017

14 February 2018

Exports of fresh/frozen pork increased by a further 5% in 2017, reaching 216,000 tonnes. As global export prices were also higher, the increase in value terms was even stronger, growing 16% year-on-year to stand at £293.5 million.

GB pig prices steady - week ending 3 February

07 February 2018

GB pig prices remained steady in the week ended 3 February, with EU spec SPP slightly falling by 0.03p to 146.80p/kg. This stability follows a decline of 1.42p/kg in the previous week. Industry reports suggest that supply is currently above demand therefore it is not clear if this period of stability can be maintained.

Weaner prices heading back to “normal” levels

07 February 2018

Like finished pig prices, weaner prices have also been on a declining trend since the latter half of 2017. In fact, by week ended 27 January, the 7kg weaner price was 19% lower than in early August, at £36.65/head. The 30kg weaner price was also a noticeable 13% lower over the same time period.

Global meat prices for January 2018 are up on the year

06 February 2018

In January 2018 the FAO food price index remained stable from December 2017, recording a very modest 0.2 point rise to 169.5 points, 3% down on the year.

EU set to benefit from Japan’s increasing demand for pork

06 February 2018

After China, Italy and Germany, Japan is the world’s fourth biggest importer of fresh and frozen pork, and the importance of this already huge market is still growing. EU exporters sent 335,000 tonnes of pork to Japan in 2017, according to Japan’s Ministry of Finance.

Premium pigs hit harder in current price decline?

06 February 2018

In the four weeks ended 20 January, the APP declined by 2.76p, over 0.5p more than the SPP over the same period.

February UK Pig Meat Market Update Out Now

05 February 2018

The February edition of the UK pig meat market update is now available.

Slaughterings higher than anticipated in Q4- will stronger throughputs continue?

31 January 2018

Clean pig throughputs were 2% higher than year earlier levels during Q4 2017, totalling 2.7 million head. This increase in throughputs was slightly larger than anticipated in the October forecast, with an extra 27,000 head killed during the period.

GB pig prices back in decline

31 January 2018

Despite stabilising the previous week, the EU-spec SPP returned to decline in week ended 27 January.

In-depth: China continues to import less pork

31 January 2018

In the last quarter of 2017, Chinese fresh/frozen pork imports fell 13% year-on-year, totalling 296,000 tonnes. This is a continuation of the downward trend for pork imports seen since Q2 of 2017. However, the pace of the decline has slowed following further farm closures and relocations towards the end of 2017.

Feed Market Update- January 2018

30 January 2018

Grain markets have been largely bearish over the course of the past month (28 December – 25 January).

Pork helps 2017 to a bumper Christmas

26 January 2018

Improved pork sales contributed to shoppers spending £1bn more than last year on their total groceries at Christmas.

Pause in GB Pig Price decline

24 January 2018

The continuing decline in GB pig prices stalled in week ended 20 January, with the EU-spec SPP instead climbing a marginal 0.03p to 148.25p/kg.

Latest EU production figures confirm supply growth

24 January 2018

The latest EU pig slaughterings data from Eurostat confirms that UK pig meat production was rising towards the end of 2017.

EU sow prices the lowest since mid-2016

24 January 2018

EU sow prices have been on a downward trend for over six months, although markets were generally more stable in the latter quarter than they have been previously. Nonetheless, for the most recent week ending 14 January, the lowest prices since at least mid-2016 were recorded for most key European markets.

Opportunities afoot in emerging Asian markets?

24 January 2018

When we talk about Asia, it is very easy, and understandable, to focus on China. There are however, a number of other countries in the region well worthy of consideration, aside from the more obvious Japan and South Korea. Interest in these countries becomes increasingly relevant as Brexit approaches, which is likely to compromise access to the EU market where over 60% of UK pork exports are currently destined.

2017- a difficult act to follow?

24 January 2018

Following a number of lacklustre years for pig prices, 2017 proved to be exceptional.

Decline in production returns in December

22 January 2018

The latest figures from Defra indicate that production tightened up again in December.

GB pig prices continue to ease back

17 January 2018

The EU-spec SPP for week ended 13 January stood at 148.22p/kg, a decrease of 1.43p compared to the previous week.

Where in the world are we looking for meal inspiration?

17 January 2018

World cuisine offerings are expanding with an ever-growing range of flavours and meal options available throughout foodservice and grocery retail outlets. Have our tastes or behaviours been changing here in Britain and from what areas of the world do popular cuisines originate?

What next for the Russian pig meat industry?

17 January 2018

In 2017, the most recent figures from the USDA attaché estimate Russian pig meat production reached 2.96 million tonnes. This is over 3% more than in 2016, but slightly lower than previously anticipated. In 2018, growth is expected to be slower again, reaching 3 million tonnes. However, Russia has currently implemented a “temporary” ban on pig meat imports from Brazil, which supplies 90% of its imported pork. If this ban were to remain in place, could domestic pork producers scale up to compensate?

In-depth: EU influence on GB pig prices

17 January 2018

Back in 2016, AHDB published analysis of the key factors affecting GB pig prices in the long-term. This showed that historical prices could be modelled fairy closely using factors such as exchange rates, UK and EU production levels, import and export volumes, and global commodity prices. With the SPP reaching a new high in July, before moving into a steady decline, what factors does the model suggest had most influence on these dynamics? And, what might this mean for GB prices in 2018?

Pig prices under pressure across Europe

16 January 2018

Last year did not end well for European pig producers, with declines in the EU average reference price.

Producer share of retail price falls again in December

15 January 2018

The producer share of the retail pork price fell slightly during December to 40.4%, a decline of just over half a percentage point compared with the previous month. It is now at the level it was last December.

Pig prices soften slightly

10 January 2018

The EU-spec SPP declined slightly (0.13p) during the week ending 6 January, standing at 149.65p/kg. The series now stands 1.59p below and 30.56p above the equivalent weeks of 2017 and 2016 respectively.

Can brands challenge the dominance of private label in meat retail?

10 January 2018

At a total meat, fish and poultry (MFP) level, brands account for 16% of volume sales. While this share has not changed much over the past 10 years, this year there has been a decline in branded MFP of around 3% year-on-year.

Another positive performance for pork sales

10 January 2018

Pork was one of the only primary meat categories to record year-on-year growth in sales volumes during the 12 weeks to 3 December.

Challenges ahead for Brazilian pork industry

10 January 2018

Over the past 10 years or so, Brazil has increased its pork production from around 3 million tonnes per annum (cwe) to over 3.75 million tonnes in 2017. The lion’s share of production is consumed domestically, and up until 2015 around 400-500 thousand tonnes of fresh/frozen pork was exported annually. This increased to 629 thousand tonnes in 2016 and was 593 thousand tonnes in 2017.

Are pork shipments to the UK still rising?

09 January 2018

National trade data from the UK’s top seven suppliers of fresh/frozen pork suggest shipments to the UK were 2% higher year on year during the first three quarters of 2017. Growth was present throughout the year, with volumes during Q3 just over 1% up on 2016.

Record margins in Q3

09 January 2018

The latest AHDB estimates suggest producer net margins reached 27p/kg in Q3 2017, the highest since records began in 2009. Rising pig prices and lower production costs combined to create the increase.

GB pig price decline continues

03 January 2018

The EU-spec SPP decreased modestly once again in the week ended 30 December, following a decline in the week prior. The series fell 0.62p/kg on the week to 149.78p/kg, which was 2.12p lower than the equivalent week of 2016.

Latest Horizon report focuses on improving UK productivity

03 January 2018

The latest AHDB Horizon report- Driving Productivity Growth Together, calls for the industry and government to work together to put productivity growth back on track.

UK pig herd confirmed up 2% in June

03 January 2018

The final results of Defra’s June Survey, published in December, confirm that as at 1 June the UK pig herd stood at 4.97 million head, up 2% on the year.

What’s behind 2017’s turnaround in food prices?

03 January 2018

In the midst of the recession that followed the 2008 banking crisis, many shoppers welcomed the disrupting influence of Hard Discounter supermarkets.

German pig numbers pick up

03 January 2018

Provisional figures from the November pig census indicate that the number of pigs in Germany has started to pick up. At 27.5 million head, the total pig herd as at 3 November was almost 1% higher compared to both May 2017 and year earlier levels.

Continued growth in the US pig herd

03 January 2018

As at 1 December, the US pig herd stood at 73.2 million head, according to the latest quarterly report from the USDA. This figure is 2% up on December 2016. The country has been enjoying good and growing domestic demand after years of decline.

EU medium-term outlook published

02 January 2018

The latest medium-term outlook has now been published by the EU, looking forwards to 2030.

January UK Pig Meat Market Update Out Now

02 January 2018

The January edition of the UK Pig Meat Market Update is now available

Feed market update – December 2017

02 January 2018

Grain markets remained flat during December 2017.