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Latest Horizon report focuses on improving UK productivity

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The latest AHDB Horizon report- Driving Productivity Growth Together, calls for the industry and government to work together to put productivity growth back on track.

The UK boasts some of the most productive, dynamic and inspirational farming businesses in the world. However, the report highlights that the rate of improvement to UK agricultural productivity has been slower than for some of our major competitors, such as the US and Netherlands.

Productivity is not about how much is produced, but rather about how efficiently it is done. Productivity growth is of critical importance, playing a significant part in overall competitiveness, which is vital to operate in increasingly globalised markets. Productivity is also a key driver in overcoming environmental challenges.

The report sets out a five-point plan, focused on increased industry collaboration, to drive productivity growth:

  • nationally coordinated strategy for research and innovation focussed on addressing the key challenges for UK farmers
  • new, What Works centre for agriculture and horticulture to act as a beacon for evidence-based change on farm
  • a greater co-ordination of Knowledge Exchange programmes ensuring consistent, joined-up and sustained delivery of best practice across all sectors
  • new, national skills framework for farmers and growers, with career-long professional development
  • increased farmer-to-farmer learning alongside acceleration in uptake of benchmarking and farm management skills

To hear AHDB Chief Strategy Director and author of the publication, Tom Hind, discussing the report in more detail, click here.

For the pig industry, productivity in the UK sector has lagged behind most other key producing states. Comparative physical performance data is available in the recently published InterPig report- to read more about this click here.