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SPP lifts on tighter supply

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In the week ended 11 May the EU-spec SPP rose 1.26p to average the week on 142.94p/kg. Increasing demand in Europe continues to feed through to UK prices.

Despite this, the price is still just over 4p below last year’s price, although that differential continues to narrow.


Estimated throughputs for the week totalled 165,400 head. Weekly slaughter was down 5,800 head compared to last week, reflecting reports that supply continues to become tighter. Average carcase weights have also pulled back slightly, by 190g to average 83.87kg.

Meanwhile, in the week ended 4 May, the EU-spec APP averaged 145.56p/kg. This is a rise of 1.45p compared to the previous week. Similar to the SPP, the price is still around 4p below the 2018 price for the time of year. Due to a larger increase in the SPP for the corresponding week, the gap between the SPP and the APP narrowed slightly, to 3.88p.

The 7kg weaner price average £35.73/head, remaining relatively stable and up just 43p compared to the previous week. There was insufficient data to create a robust price for 30kg weaners.