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Pork imports down in Hong Kong

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At 472,700 tonnes, Hong Kong pig meat imports fell by 19% in January to September, compared with the same period in 2018.

This was also a third lower than 2017 levels. The value of total pig meat imports to Hong Kong amounted to HK$8.6 billion, 27% lower than a year earlier.

The EU accounted for 35% of Hong Kong’s total imports. By country, Brazil was the top supplier though, and these shipments were only 9% lower year-on-year. Brazil’s market share therefore increased by three percentage points compared to last year. Declines from other key suppliers were more significant. Shipments from the US and the EU fell by 25% and 23% respectively, with German volumes particularly falling. Unsurprisingly, given the tight supply situation and biosecurity risks, volumes from China fell by 20% compared to last year.

The increase in trade with China this year has probably influenced the decline in Hong Kong imports. In recent months, it is possible that the political situation in Hong Kong has deterred trade somewhat.