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Bumper grain crop leaves increased exportable surplus this season: Feed market update

31 October 2019

Grain prices have remained relatively steady in October as a stronger sterling pressured UK prices to remain competitive at a global level, due to the large need to export this season. Meanwhile, soyabean prices firmed on the back of weather led delays to both harvests in the US and new-crop sowing in Brazil. 

GB retail sales of red meat struggle on

31 October 2019

During the 12 weeks ending 6 October, GB retail sales of pig meat were down 3.8% in volume and 2% in value. Pig meat was not the only red meat to record declines, with sales of lamb down in volume, and beef volumes remaining stable.

Out of spec pigs weigh on the SPP

30 October 2019

In the week ending 26 October, the EU-spec SPP recorded a decline for the first time in seven weeks. Last week (week ending 19 October), pigs weighing ‘under 59.9kg’ and ‘100.0kg and over’ recorded strong price increases of 5.21p/kg and 2.71p/kg on the previous week respectively.

US pig meat exports capitalise on Chinese protein deficit

30 October 2019

So far this year, US exports of pork have remained fairly stable, at around 25,000 tonnes per week. 

African Swine Fever kept out of the domestic pig herd in Belgium

29 October 2019

African Swine Fever (ASF) has continued to be prevalent across Europe in 2019. Defra’s most recent outbreak assessment suggested that the domestic pig herd continued to be unaffected in most Western European nations, despite outbreaks of ASF in wild boar across Belgium. 

EU pig prices still rising, but UK continues to catch up

29 October 2019

In the four weeks ended 20 October, EU pig prices were something of a mixed bag, although on average continued to rise. While still behind, the gap between UK prices and EU prices continues to narrow.

Brazilian pork exports boosted to China but down overall

28 October 2019

Total Brazilian pig meat (excl offal) exports reached 183,900 tonnes in Q3 2019, dropping 3% (-6,400 tonnes) compared to Q3 2018. 

How might UK pork exports to the EU in a no deal situation, affect pig prices?

24 October 2019

The UK exports about 30% of its pig meat production, and typically about two-thirds of this goes to the EU*. Trade with the EU will face tariffs equivalent to over 30% ad valorem in the event of a No Deal Brexit, so this trade could be compromised. What might this mean for farmgate prices?

EU pig meat trade continues to perform

24 October 2019

EU pig meat exports (incl. offal) continued to perform well in August, as volumes grew 12% compared with the month last year, to total 324,000 tonnes.

Continued increase for GB finished pig prices

23 October 2019

  •          EU-spec SPP ↑ 1.15p to 156.92p/kg (w/e 19 Oct)
  •          Estimated slaughter ↑ 700 head to 176,000 head (w/e 19 Oct)
  •          EU-spec APP ↑ 0.72p to 158.06p/kg (w/e 12 Oct)

Dutch pig meat exports increase in first half of 2019

23 October 2019

During the first two quarters of 2019, Dutch fresh/frozen pork exports were well above the previous year.

Danish pork exports lower despite Chinese growth

23 October 2019

Danish fresh/frozen pork exports in the first half of this year totalled 489,600 tonnes, down 13% from a year earlier.

Global pork production expected to drop 10% in 2020

23 October 2019

Global pork production in 2020 is forecast to fall by 10% on the year, to 95.2 million tonnes, according to the latest outlook from the USDA. If realised, this will be the lowest level since 2007.

EU short-term outlook: China’s demand for pork boosts EU exports

17 October 2019

The latest European commission short-term outlook report expects that EU pork exports will continue to rise. This reflects increasing Asian demand due to African swine fever (ASF). The outlook also suggests EU pig meat consumption per capita is set to decrease by 2% (0.5 kg) during 2019.

UK pork exports continue to perform strongly August

17 October 2019

The UK’s pork export market has performed well for another month. In August, shipments of fresh/frozen pork were up 17% on the year, at 21,300 tonnes. 

GB finished pig prices keep moving up

16 October 2019

  • EU-spec SPP ↑ 0.45p to 155.77p/kg (w/e 12 Oct)
  • Estimated slaughter to 175,300 head (w/e 12 Oct)
  • EU-spec APP ↑ 0.97p to 157.34p/kg (w/e 5 Oct)

EU pig meat production in July steady year on year

16 October 2019

EU pig meat production was stable in July compared to the previous year, at just over 1.9 million tonnes, according to the latest Eurostat figures.

Pig meat sales continue to decline

15 October 2019

GB retail sales of pig meat products continue to have a tough time. Total sales declined almost 4% in volume and 2% in value during the 12 week period ending 9 September, according to Kantar data.

Pig meat production up again in September

10 October 2019

September figures published by Defra show a 5% annual increase in clean pig slaughter, reaching 887,100 head. Note that this increase is probably influenced by an extra working day in September this year.

Surprising results in UK June pig survey

10 October 2019

Provisional UK figures from the June survey indicate stability in the overall breeding herd (including boars and maiden gilts), at 504,000 head. This is unexpected, given the sharp rise in Scottish breeding pigs, which is backed up by industry reports.

Pig prices jump up on previous week

09 October 2019

  • EU-spec SPP ↑1.11p to 155.32p/kg (w/e 5 October)
  • Estimated slaughter ↑3,200 to 184,000 head (w/e 5 October)
  • EU-spec APP ↑0.26p to 156.37p/kg (w/e 28 September)

EU weaner prices unusually stable

09 October 2019

The EU 30kg weaner price hovered around €52/head during September. Although a decline of around €7 from the peak in June, this is a little higher than prices achieved in mid-August.

Scottish breeding herd expanding

09 October 2019

The number of Scottish breeding pigs was 19% higher at 1 June, compared with a year earlier, according to data published by Scottish Government.

US to impose higher tariffs on EU pig meat products

07 October 2019

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) have announced that the United States would be allowed to apply up to $7.5 billion of retaliatory tariffs a year on products imported from the EU. This is as a result of the Airbus-Boeing dispute.

SPP continues to creep up

02 October 2019

  • EU-spec SPP ↑ 0.46p to 154.21p/kg (w/e 28 September)
  • Estimated slaughter ↓ to 180,900 head (w/e 28 September)
  • EU-spec APP ↑ 0.65p to 156.11p/kg (w/e 21 September)