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US pig herd’s relentless expansion continues

01 October 2019

As at 1 September, the US pig herd stood at 77.7 million head, according to the latest quarterly report from the USDA. This was 3% higher than both September 2018 and June this year. Slaughter and breeding pig numbers both echoed this year-on-year growth totalling 71.2 million head (+4%) and 6.43 million head (+2%) respectively.

EU pig herd still contracting despite rising returns

30 September 2019

Figures from May/June agricultural surveys show a decline in the pig herd across the major EU producing nations. The total pig herd in the EU member states carrying out a survey* decreased by 2% year-on-year, to 137.3 million head. This was the lowest level since 2016.

EU pig prices still rising, but UK closes gap

30 September 2019

In the four weeks ended 22 September, EU pig prices continued to rise overall. Although, performances differed between countries somewhat.

Fresh/frozen pork continues to dominate Italian imports

30 September 2019

Pig meat production in Italy reached 759,000 tonnes during the first half of 2019, a decrease of 1% (-7,000 tonnes) year on year.

Defra records stability in the English pig breeding herd

26 September 2019

The latest June Agricultural Survey figures published by Defra recorded stability in the English female pig breeding herd, at 327,000 head.

Feeding herd performance improving

25 September 2019

According to the latest Agrosoft figures, performance in the feeding herd has improved over the past year.

Large domestic supply of cereals weighs on grain prices

25 September 2019

Read our latest commentary on the cereals and oilseeds markets

SPP moves up again but weaner prices drop

25 September 2019

  • EU-spec SPP ↑0.68p to 153.75p/kg (w/e 21 September)
  • Estimated slaughter ↓to 182,000 head (w/e 21 September)
  • EU-spec APP ↑0.14p to 155.46p/kg (w/e 14 September)

No Deal sow prices could still be higher than early this year

25 September 2019

In March, we produced a report examining the effect of a No Deal Brexit on cull sow prices and pig farm profitability. Sow prices are at risk under this scenario, as sows carcases are typically exported to the EU due to a lack of UK demand. This trade would face tariffs if we leave without a deal.

Outdoor breeders driving productivity growth

25 September 2019

The latest physical performance data from Agrosoft shows an improvement in the overall GB breeding herd performance.

Lack of summer weather fails to sizzle pork sales

19 September 2019

With over 70% of UK produced pig meat consumed in the UK, changes in the home retail market are key for the domestic pig sector. Overall GB retail sales of pig meat declined in the latest retail update, in contrast to beef and lamb.

Producers break even in Q2

19 September 2019

Pig production costs in the second quarter to this year have improved, according to our latest estimates

SPP creeps up, only marginally

18 September 2019

  • EU-spec SPP ↑0.17 to 153.07p/kg (w/e 14 September)
  • Estimated slaughter ↑to 188,000 head (w/e 14 September)
  • EU-spec APP ↓0.03 to 155.32p/kg (w/e 7 September)

UK pork exports continue to grow for another month

18 September 2019

UK exports of pig meat (including offal) continued to grow in July, with an 11% increase year on year compared to 2018. This is the highest volume of July pork exports since 2016. The total value of the trade rose 19%, to £46.9 million.

Canada and the EU: CETA – two years on

18 September 2019

It is almost two years since Canada and the EU signed the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Shrinking breeding herd limits Irish production and exports

17 September 2019

As at 1 June, the Irish pig herd stood at 1.61 million head, marginally below (-0.4%) the same point at last year, according to the Central Statistics Office.

Growing demand drives up Mexican pork production

12 September 2019

In the first half of this year, Mexican pork production was 6% higher compared to the same period last year. However, this growth is expected to drop off in the second half of the year. 

Pig meat supplies stable in August

12 September 2019

Defra slaughter figures for August show a 1% decrease in clean pig slaughter compared with a year earlier, totalling 938,500 head. However, one fewer weekday in the month this year may have influenced this decline.

EU pig meat production down in the first half of 2019

12 September 2019

Pig meat production in the EU fell once again in June, by 5% compared to the previous year, to total 1.8 million tonnes. The number of pigs slaughtered in June also fell, by 6% to total 19.3 million head. 

SPP gives back last week’s gains

11 September 2019

The EU-spec SPP fell 0.43p in the latest week ended 7 September, to average 152.90p/kg. This followed the price increase last week. The price remains nearly 5p above the price at the same time last year.

Global food prices slipping, but meat prices rise

11 September 2019

In August, the FAO Food Price Index declined for the third consecutive month, down 1% month-on-month. The drop was mainly the result of falling sugar and important cereals prices. Despite this, the index continues to trend above year-earlier levels.

Spanish pork exports catch up with rising production

05 September 2019

Earlier this year, we reported how Spanish pork export growth was lagging behind rising production. In the second quarter, it seems exports caught up, with the market now balanced similarly to last year.

SPP back up on the week

04 September 2019

The EU-spec SPP climbed 0.38p in the latest week ended 31 August, to average 153.33p/kg.

German pork supply and demand both falling

04 September 2019

The latest half-year figures from Eurostat record a 4% (-99,000 tonnes) year-on-year decline in German pork production, totalling 2.58 million tonnes. Both domestic consumption and export volumes have also been falling.

Escalating global pork demand clear in global export prices

04 September 2019

During the second quarter of this year, pork prices in many parts of the world rose rapidly. This is reflected in export prices from the world’s four main pork exporters, the EU, US, Canada and Brazil.

Canadian pig herd shows signs of recovery after disease outbreak

04 September 2019

The total number of pigs in Canada is relatively stable compared to last year, according to Statistics Canada.