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SPP creeps up, only marginally

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  • EU-spec SPP ↑0.17 to 153.07p/kg (w/e 14 September)
  • Estimated slaughter ↑to 188,000 head (w/e 14 September)
  • EU-spec APP ↓0.03 to 155.32p/kg (w/e 7 September)

GB finished pig prices increased marginally in the week ending 14 September. This puts prices over 5p above the same week last year. Demand is reportedly up, as reports suggest most processors are fulfilling full contracts.

Estimated slaughter for the week totalled 188,000 head, 4,700 head more than in the previous week. This is the highest throughput so far this year.

Carcase weights were marginally heavier (+65g) on the week, at 84.31kg. Finished pig were on average 1.4kg heavier than the same time last year. This is the largest annual change since the end of March, boosting supplies on the market.


In the week ending 7 September, the EU-spec APP was 3.74p/kg above the same week in the previous year, and over 4.70p/kg higher than the five year average. While the SPP also fell in the same week, the movement was more significant. As such, the gap between the APP and the SPP widened to 2.42p.

For the week ending 14 September, 7kg weaner prices continued to climb. Prices increased by £1.43 on the week to £40.78/head.  This is the largest week-on-week movement since the start of February.  This puts prices nearly £5.80 above the same week last year, and over £3.75 over the five-year average.

30kg weaner prices increased (78p) on the week, to £52.67/head. However, this was not enough to compensate the over £4 drop in the week before. Prices are nearly £1.70 higher than the same week last year.  Weaner markets are reportedly thin, with buyers at full capacity as we head towards the Christmas period.