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Pig prices stable

26 February 2020

The EU-spec SPP stayed relatively stable in the week ending 22 February, down 0.05p on the week to average 162.73p/kg.

Feed Report- February

26 February 2020

Read our latest commentary on the cereals and oilseeds markets

EU pig meat production falls in November

26 February 2020

EU pork production fell in November to just over 2 million tonnes, 73,000 tonnes less than October, according to data from Eurostat. This was also 54,000 tonnes less than in the month last year. Just under 21.9 million clean pigs were slaughtered, down from nearly 22.9 million in October.

Russia strengthens position as a net pork exporter

26 February 2020

Following a year of growing pig meat exports, Russia finished 2019 in a net exporter position for the second consecutive year. 

How is AHDB’s pork forecast shaping up?

26 February 2020

At the end of November, we released our latest forecast for UK pig meat production in late 2019 and into 2020. Here, we look at how our estimates have compared with actual numbers over the past few months.

France pork exports up, imports down in 2019

21 February 2020

During 2019, French pig meat production was up by around 1% (+19,000 tonnes). Pig meat export growth outstripped this through, posting a 10% increase (+50,000 tonnes carcase weight equivalent) for the year as a whole.

UK pork exports rise in 2019 while imports fall

20 February 2020

Latest trade data from HMRC shows UK fresh/frozen pork exports in 2019 rose by 12% on the year, while imports were down 2%.

ASF: are there trading opportunities beyond China?

20 February 2020

Besides China, African swine fever (ASF) is now affecting several other key pig meat trading countries. These include Vietnam, the Philippines and South Korea. We explore the supply and demand impact on these countries and what it might mean for global trade.

Finished pig prices remain steady

19 February 2020

The EU-spec SPP remained relatively steady in the week ending 15 January, only increasing by 0.04p on the week to average 162.78p/kg. Nevertheless, prices remain over 25p above last year and the five-year average.

EU pork exports higher again in December

19 February 2020

Continuing the trend seen throughout 2019, EU pork exports were higher than a year earlier in December.

Impact of coronavirus on global markets

18 February 2020

Coronavirus is currently a global talking point, although reliable data is hard to come by in terms of its impact on agriculture. Trade data will show us the impact for product going into China, but information on trade is always a few months behind, so it will be a while before we see the impact flowing through that. However, here we do a round-up of what we do know and share our perspective on the impacts.

South Korea import demand falls, but likely to return

17 February 2020

South Korea imported 525,000 tonnes of fresh and frozen pork in 2019, 8% less than the previous year, according to data from Korea Customs. Pork imports were particularly high in 2018, possibly in a conscious effort to build stocks against African Swine Fever (ASF). Since then, competition for pork has increased, particularly from China. Consumption growth has also slowed, due to (unfounded) consumer concerns about ASF.

UK pig slaughter up in January, with carcase weights still elevated

13 February 2020

UK clean pig slaughter in January 2020 totalled 960,200 head. This was 2% higher than in the same month last year.

Higher production supports demand for finisher feed

13 February 2020

Q4 2019 feed statistics, year-on-year changes:

  •          Production of grower feed decreased by 12%
  •          Production of finishing feed increased by 10%
  •          Production of breeding feed increased by 5%

SPP continues to move up

12 February 2020

The EU-spec SPP has continued its upward trajectory in the week ending 8 February. The average price rose by 0.13p on the week, to average 162.74 p/kg.

EU prices tumble on export woes

12 February 2020

In the four weeks ending 2 February 2020, EU pig prices continued their fall, losing over €10 to average €182.54/100kg.

Slight increase in Danish pig numbers

10 February 2020

The latest figures published by Statistics Denmark show that the overall pig population on 1 January was a little higher compared with the start of 2019. The total reached 12.73 million head; this was also 1% up on the final quarter of last year.

If African Swine Fever spreads to Germany, how might markets react?

10 February 2020

Back in September 2018, we produced a report highlighting the potential market impact if ASF were to spread to German wild boar. With a recent case in Polish wild boar just 12km from the German border, and further spread into Greece in recent days, this analysis has renewed relevance.

Japan’s pork imports increase with stable production

06 February 2020

Japan imported nearly 960,000 tonnes of fresh and frozen pork in 2019, 3.7% more than the year before, according to the Japan Ministry of Finance. Despite a year that has seen dramatic meat price inflation elsewhere in the region, prices to Japan have remained stable.

Tightening welfare and environment regulations influence EU pig supply

06 February 2020

Upcoming changes to animal welfare and environmental regulations will affect pig meat production in the EU. Here, we explore the significance of these changes.

Little change for GB pig prices

05 February 2020

Defying the usual seasonal trend, the EU-spec SPP recorded a marginal increase in the week ended 1 February, to 162.61p/kg. The annual change continued to increase, reaching the highest level since September 2017, as prices were falling this time last year.

Chinese New Year driving the pork market in late 2019

05 February 2020

Pork prices in China have been at historically high levels since August. In December, the national pork price averaged CNY 47/kg (£5.27/kg), live pig prices were CNY 34/kg (£3.81/kg) and piglets averaged nearly CNY 90/kg (£10.08/kg).

EU cull sow prices reach record highs

03 February 2020

Cull sow prices in major EU markets have all matched or exceeded record highs* since the start of December, following the trend in the finished pig market. Throughout 2019, prices increased by around 75%.