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SPP remains steady as new decade begins

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In the first week of the new decade, the EU-spec SPP dropped back marginally on the week (0.01p). Nevertheless, prices are still over 22p above the same week last year.

Estimated slaughter for the week totalled 136,700 head. While this is considerably higher than last week (49,000 head), levels are still only 80% of normal throughputs. On lower throughput weeks, such as this, the mix of pig coming through, and the varying level of activity at different plants can influence price moments. Price volatility is expected until full kill weeks recommence.


Carcase weights averaged 85.47kg. This was considerably heavier than last week (930g), which is unsurprising given that pigs were pulled forward in advance of the holiday period. However, average weights were marginally lighter (80g) than the same week last year.

The EU-spec APP has continued to increase in the week ending 28 December. In the same week, the SPP actually showed the reverse trend, declining by 0.45p. As such, the gap between the two widened to 1.92p.

For the week ending 4 January, the 7kg weaner price continued to move up; putting prices almost £7/head above the same week last year.  Meanwhile, the 30kg weaner price averaged £61.31/head. This is £6.44 higher than the last time the price was reported, at the start of November. Demand was reported as steady and movements were reportedly limited to regular contract trade only.