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Feed Prices

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CBOT maize and soybean prices in the table below are not currently updating and we are currently working to resolve the issue. Prices can be accessed on the AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds website via the link below:


(as at 21 Feb 2018 00:40)

LIFFE Wheat£/tonneChange
Mar 18135.60unch
May 18138.95unch
Jul 18140.85unch
Nov 18143.95unch
Jan 19145.75unch
Mar 19147.40unch
May 19148.75unch
Jul 19148.70unch
Nov 19145.80unch
Jan 10147.55unch

There is currently no UK futures market for soyameal and rapemeal. US futures prices are provided below.

For weekly ex-store UK soyameal and ex-mill rapemeal prices, click here.

CBOT Maize£/tonneChange$/tonneChange
Mar 18102.75unch143.90unch
May 18105.07unch147.15unch
Jul 18107.24unch150.20unch
Sep 18109.14unch152.85unch
Dec 18111.32unch155.91unch
CBOT soybean meal£/tonneChange$/tonneChange
Mar 18296.25unch414.90unch
May 18298.45unch417.98unch
Jul 18296.33unch415.01unch
Aug 18291.84unch408.73unch
Sep 18288.46unch403.99unch
Oct 18284.29unch398.15unch
Dec 18283.58unch397.16unch
Jan 19281.62unch394.40unch

Futures Charts

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Download as Excel

Download as Excel

  • "Nearby contract" price in the above graphs refers to the price for the next available futures contract (100 tonnes).
  • "Change" quoted in the above tables is the difference in the market compared to the previous day’s close


Figures and commentary provided in association with AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds for further information on the cereals market click here to link through to AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds website.

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