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Kelly WestmacottDevelopment of novel technology for boar taint detection to assist with the production of taint-free pork

Kelly Westmacott - University of the West of England, Bristol
Duration - 2014-2018

Kelly received her First Class Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science from the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol (2012). She specialised in the analytical sciences and her dissertation was based on the optimisation of a similar type of technology for drug detection. She was awarded the 2012 Royal Society of Chemistry Bristol prize for my excellent achievements in the Advanced Analytical Science module.

Project Aims and Objectives

  • My project aims to characterise a device which can measure the level of boar taint in the fat tissue of pigs.
  • The device will be able to simultaneously detect boar taint compounds, and give user-friendly read outs.
  • The results will be produced rapidly to allow for the carcass to be sorted correctly before reaching the end of the abattoir line; preventing tainted meat reaching the consumer.

Potential Benefits to Industry
This research is linked to these priority areas: (i) Applied economics: the project will contribute to production of boar taint-free heavier pigs and, hence, lead to an increase in the income margin for pig producers’ (ii) Food Quality: the technology will allow the producer to state that their meat is free from taint. Both of these aspects will improve the competitiveness of the UK pig industry.

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